Super Dramatic Copa America Games is a Treat for Viewers

Viewers, fans, coaches, and players alike have been in awe at the incredible gamesmanship, tactical ability, and technical skills on display at the Copa America tournament. Although the Euros are happening at the same time in Germany, many fans and soccer lovers are tuning in to watch the Copa America games due to their fast-paced nature, last-minute goals, and young talent on the field.

We have seen Messi succeed with Argentina, reaching the finals for arguably the last international game of his career. We saw the USMNT duck out early after a poor showing. We also saw Canada lose to a South American side, showing that Central and South America have high-quality teams and elite players that are often overlooked. 

Overall, Copa America has been an exciting tournament to watch — check it out. 

Copa America Brings in Viewers from All Over the World

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Copa America has been an eye-catching tournament for those watching in person and online. Overall, Copa America has averaged almost 2 million viewers throughout the quarterfinals on Fox, FS1, and FS2 — in the U.S. alone. Even though this is just the viewership in the United States, even these numbers are up nearly 50% compared to the same tournament eight years ago. 

But, television channels and global networks aren’t surprised — they have just been waiting for the rest of the world to catch up and see what they have been seeing all along. Loewenstein, Univision’s global president of sports, knows that soccer (or football) attracts fans. 

I said before the coverage started that this tournament would be by far the No. 1 Spanish language telecast of the year, and we have proven it to be. I don’t like to compare myself to the competition, because it’s kind of unfair at this point. Our expectations were big, and we surpassed them. We’re even beating the 2021 tournament in a world where we’ve seen some ratings erosion, and that’s a magnificent success.

Along with the increasing viewership of these incredible games is the growing popularity of the sport itself. We have seen women’s sports increase in the last five years, helped by the Euros, more publicity, frequent viewership on TV and online, better broadcasting of tournaments, and social media spurring on the likeness of players, teams, and coaches.

The same can be said for the men’s game, especially on continents like South America and Africa

I wouldn’t be surprised if Copa America ratings, on average, are better than the [2026] World Cup ratings.

And Loewenstein is not wrong. There are millions of fans in the U.S. who hail from other countries, like Colombia, Ecuador, and Argentina

The audience in the U.S. is becoming more refined when it comes to consuming [soccer], and I think that it’s proven in terms of how the ratings are performing in different teams, other than Mexico and the U.S. In the past, you would see how ratings for Mexican and the U.S. were the anchor of a tournament.

Copa America Final

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Now, everyone should tune into their screens to watch the nail-biting and hair-raising final featuring Argentina and Colombia on Sunday, July 14th at 8 pm EST. The CONMEBOL Copa America Final is held in Miami Gardens, Florida, to see who will come out the victor. 

Online viewers can watch the game on Fox Sports. 

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