Victor Osimhen vs. Finidi George, 2024: A War of Words

Victor Osimhen vs. Finidi George: A Clash of Words 2024

Napoli and Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen has taken to social media to criticize his national team manager, George Finidi. This has led to multiple reports suggesting that Finidi has decided to resign from his position as head coach of the Nigerian national team.

The situation seems to stem from Osimhen missing the World Cup qualifiers, where Nigeria lost against Benin. Initial reports indicate Osimhen had an injury, which is why Finidi sidelined him. Well, he never wanted to be sidelined. Rather he wanted to be part of the team and support them even when on the bench.

Apparently Finidi used Osimhen’s absence as an example of a poor attitude among players. This sparked outrage from Osimhen, who claims to have been genuinely injured. He has publicly stated that George’s comments caused him to lose respect for the manager.

Finidi’s Allegations

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Finidi came out, saying that the coach had doubts about Osimhen’s dedication to the Super Eagles. He accused him of faking injuries to skip national team matches. He implied that Osimhen prioritized club appearances over representing his country, especially when dealing with minor setbacks.

This tension grew when Finidi’s comments were published online. Osimhen, clearly unhappy with the accusations, came back online with his strong disapproval. The Napoli forward was really annoyed, and his response indicates that this is a serious issue and could potentially impact team morale and performance.

What Is Osimhen’s Side?

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In a live Instagram event, Osimhen stated that he had an ankle injury, which made him miss the World Cup qualifiers. He revealed that he sustained the injury during Napoli’s match against Lecce on May 25. Following the incident, he went for an MRI scan. The Nigerian team doctor advised him to sit out the World Cup qualifiers in order to prioritize recovery.

Osimhen further expressed his frustrations to clarify his position. He even shared screenshots of his conversation with Finidi on Instagram Live. He tried to emphasize his innocence while demonstrating transparency and highlighting his commitment to both Napoli and the national team. Osimhen stressed that he always gives his all on the pitch, whether playing for his club or representing his country.

The Fallout Could Be Fatal

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The Super Eagles have had some rough World Cup qualifiers. In the four games they have played, they have not won a single match. Their recent 2-1 defeat to Benin added more frustration. This has left the team in a state of uncertainty and speculation is going around that they are looking for a new coach. The Nigerian Football Federation has announced plans to hire a foreign technical advisor.

Osimhen’s outburst, directed at Finidi, was undeniably unprofessional. When a player comes out and talks about his frustrations, especially with the coach, it always creates a divided atmosphere within the squad. It´s always good to address this frustration in private. A heated outburst in front of cameras is never the way to go.

Osimhen was obviously angry with Finidi’s comments, and his emotions were running high. But if he approached this with maturity and respect, the fallout would not be as it is now. Yes, he is the star in the team, but that does not mean he should sink to the level of a social media outburst.

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