Serbia vs England Preview: Euro 2024


Serbia vs. England is going to be one of the best opening stages in the Euros, as we can finally see how Gareth Southgate’s selections are going to match up against a ‘lesser’ team in the first round. Although Serbia is clearly up against one of the big guns in this international tournament, it doesn’t mean they are going down without a fight. 

They are a tough team that can find weaknesses in their opponents and exploit them – and if Southgate didn’t choose a well-rounded squad, Serbia has a chance at beating England in the first round of this key tournament. 

Key Things to Keep in Mind

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There are a few key things that you should keep in mind when it comes to the upcoming England vs. Serbia game. Mitrovic is a Premier League star who has scored tons of goals for his club as the #9 at Southampton, but can he do the same for his country? Fans might argue he has less support with the Serbian squad than with Southampton, but he is a huge aerial threat and prolific goal scorer who could cause England’s backline some trouble. 

Plus, England and Serbia have never played one another – neither team knows what to expect when it comes to attacking tactics, 1v1 matchups, and defending strategies. England could be exploited in certain areas that teams have not been able to do before. 

But, they will rely heavily on their crucial players, like Harry Kane and Jude Bellingham, to carry the team, score goals, and raise the energy in their Euros opening game. 

England Squad

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Some of the critical players for England include Stones and Trippier in the back line. Kyle Walker is the fastest player in the Prem, but he has had a poor run of form as of late. Stones is reliable and versatile in the back line and holding midfield for Manchester City, and Trippier is very quick, technical, and tactically smart.

In the middle of the park, Alexander-Arnold can finally play in his desired position as an attacking midfielder to use his range of passing and creativity. Bellingham is a forward-thinking midfielder who can string together passes and play as a #10 or #9 depending on the rest of the team.

Finally, Harry Kane can do what he does best – score goals as soon as the ball gets anywhere close to the 18-yard box. 

Serbian Squad

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Key players for Serbia include Milinkovic-Savig as the goalkeeper, who will surely be busy trying to keep shots from Kane, Saka, Rice, and Bellingham out of the net. Other critical squad members for Serbia are Mitrovic up top and Zikovic in the middle, who will have to break up passes from England’s midfield throughout the game. 

England vs. Serbia Predictions

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So, what will happen in the upcoming game? Fans, pundits, and experts think that England will win the game – but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. In a tactical sense, England might be a good matchup for Serbia compared to other teams, since they are less physical and more technically-based than other squads. Serbia could try and out-muscle and out-work England to put one past them early on.

Southgate will have to choose a strong starting lineup to avoid getting scored on early in the game and use their energy, fitness, and speed on the wings to exploit the Serbian backline. 

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