Mohammad Hafeez Harsh Criticizes Azam Khan’s Fitness and Commitment to International Cricket

Mohammad Hafeez

Ex-Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Hafeez has raised lots of questions about Azam Khan’s physical fitness and his vigor towards international cricket. The critical comments come in the wake of Azam’s poor showings in the ongoing ICC T20 World Cup, a tournament in which the star’s poor form and injury rumors have dominated the discourse.

Mohammad Hafeez’s Scathing Assessment

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Azam is a newcomer who recently made his debut in the Pakistan cricket team as a hard-hit batsman, but apart from this, there are not many other qualities that can make him ready for such a calamity. But Mohammad Hafeez said volumes on this aspect, literally pointing to what he feels about Azam: that he is not ready to face the international sphere of cricket.

During an interview with a local news channel, another batsman, Mohammad Hafeez, openly criticized Azam and his teammates, saying, “The whole Pakistan team can run 2 km in 10 minutes, while Azam Khan takes 20 minutes to run 2 kilometers.” Unfortunately, Azam Khan is not serious about international cricket.

There could be no qualms with his performance from the ground up, but the criticism leveled against Mohammad Hafeez is not simply one of performance but of fitness and commitment. He has supported the need to maintain high fitness standards on the team. He said that it is very important if the team wants to hold the highest levels.

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Mohammad  Hafeez has explained that “it is never a problem for me to be lean or For more elaboration on this. Hafeez has explained that “it is never a problem for me to be lean or oversized, but I have to work based on the needs of the game. You need to bring your fitness to a required level. We gave him a fitness plan, but he [Azam] could not improve.”

Failure to Deliver and Subsequent Elimination

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Youngster Azam Khan, son of Moin Khan, who represented Pakistan in the cricket World Cup, has come under intense criticism for his showing in the competition. These were highlighted during the first game against the USA in Pakistan, where he was applauded for his efforts but did not manage a single run.

This poor show was not an isolated incident, and as a result, he was not fielded for the remaining games against stronger teams such as India and Canada. In these games, the team management ignored the talented youngster Azam and played the experienced all-rounder Imad Wasim instead. He clearly showed that the team does not trust him at the moment on account of his probable fitness.

Broader Implications for the Team

Mohammad Hafeez

Mohammad  Hafeez’s critique underscores a broader issue within the Pakistan cricket team regarding fitness standards. He pointed out that, despite Azam’s evident talent, his inability to meet the fitness requirements has been a significant drawback.

“You are in the team because of your talent, but you need to respond in terms of fitness. You are the only one in the team on whom we have compromised on the grounds of fitness,” Mohammad Hafeez stated.

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