Babar Azam Criticized by Former Pakistan Cricket Star Ahmed Shehzad for Poor Show In T20 World Cup 2024

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With the T20 World Cup going on, Pakistan has been the talking point. Former Pakistan international batsman Ahmed Shehzad also spoke out against Pakistan captain Babar Azam. Pakistan was on the extreme edge of the T20 World Cup 2024 when Ahmed Shehzad returned to his favorite Pakistani talk show and once again came to fire at Babar.

Ahmed Shehzad’s Critique Of Babar Azam

Babar Azam scored 517 runs in 22 T20 World Cup matches, with a strike rate of just 112. In contrast, Ahmed Shehzad reminded us of his stats. He scored 250 runs in 9 matches at a strike rate of 126. He made a century with his name at that time.

Ahmed Shehzad said that Babar Azam had 205 balls bowled at him in T20 World Cup power plays, and he hasn’t even struck a single six! Ahmed Shehzad is also slamming Babar Azam for not playing aggressively. Furthermore, he added that his stats are much better than Babar Azam’s. In 205  deliveries of the power play, he has not hit a single six.

Ahmed Shehzad’s Allegation Of Babar Azam Stifling Young Talent

Moreover, Ahmed Shehzad also indirectly claimed that Babar Azam was hindering the progress of youngsters while keeping a soft corner for his friends within the team. 22-year-old batsman Saim Ayub was also named by him, blaming Babar for not developing him properly.

You needed to care for the improvement of Saim Ayub, but at such a young age, his vocation is finished. Shehzad blamed Azam for being critical of Ayub after just 25 games.  Ahmed Shehzad hopes Babar Azam takes ownership of his own and the team’s disastrous displays.

The worst you could do even now is to put your hands up, especially after being backed, and apologise for being unable to bring a trophy home to Pakistan,” Ahmed Shehzad said.

An Aggressive Journey TO T20 World Cup

Let’s talk about the ongoing T20 World Cup journey of the Pakistan cricket team. This has been a difficult tournament for Pakistan in the 2024 T20 World Cup. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), which has the authority to give out punishment to players, is examining its key man, Babar Azam, and his fault for just being average.

Both Babar and Ahmed Shehzad have also been compared, and the former’s performances only made the discussion worse among fans and analysts alike. According to Ahmed Shehzad, his stats are much better than those of Babar Azam. With the tournament progressing, Pakistan’s journey is turning out to be a roller coaster of emotions and hopes.

Add to that the presence of former heavyweight champions, India, Australia, and England, the stakes are higher than ever. It remains to be seen whether Pakistan can shrug off these challenges and make an impact in the tournament. The T20 World Cup will bring us exciting matches, shocking upsets, and a sample of the best cricketing talent in the world. As we see the drama go on, the question becomes: will Babar Azam deliver his critics like Ahmed Shehzad?

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