Pittsburgh Steelers: NFL Analyst Claims Team Is “Where Quarterbacks Go To Die”

Pittsburgh Steelers Emmanuel Acho

The Pittsburgh Steelers saw enough of Kenny Pickett last year and made some changes at the quarterback position. They signed Russell Wilson and traded for Justin Fields, hoping for more production out of the offense. Despite inconsistent play from the quarterback, the team made the playoffs. They are hoping with better quarterbacks, they can contend for a Super Bowl. One NFL analyst isn’t convinced. Emmanuel Acho said on a recent show that Pittsburgh is “where quarterbacks go to die.”

Emmanuel Acho On Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterbacks

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Emmanuel Acho is never shy about his opinions, especially regarding the quarterback position. He isn’t impressed with what the Pittsburgh Steelers have done this offseason. He thinks this franchise isn’t good at putting quarterbacks in a position to win. Past success doesn’t equal anything for this franchise.

“Pittsburgh is where quarterbacks go to die. I didn’t want to do this because I didn’t believe it until I started talking it through. Byron Leftwich, Mike Vick, their careers, they came to an end in Pittsburgh. Charlie Batch, his career came to an end in Pittsburgh. Dennis Dixon, his career came to an end in Pittsburgh. Kenny Pickett, his career as a starter came to an end in Pittsburgh. Mitch Trubisky, his career as a starter came to an end in Pittsburgh. Mason Rudolph, his career came to an end in Pittsburgh.”

The Pittsburgh Steelers have not had much success recently outside of Ben Roethlisberger. Every other starter has left much to be desired. However, this list is extremely flawed, which isn’t surprising coming from this analyst.

A Laughable List

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I audibly laughed at this list. Let’s start with the players who were already in the twilight of their careers. Byron Leftwich, Michael Vick, and Charlie Batch came to the Pittsburgh Steelers as veteran backups. Dennis Dixon’s career didn’t die with the Steelers. He simply didn’t pan out as a draft pick. The same can be said for Kenny Pickett. Then there’s Trubisky. Did Emmanuel Acho watch the tape from his time with the Chicago Bears and Buffalo Bills? His career ended there, not in Pittsburgh.

The one that really got me was Mason Rudolph. He literally got a contract in free agency due to his play with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I understand the point Emmanuel Acho is trying to make. The Steelers are at risk of spinning their wheels with Wilson and Fields. Both could be huge busts which would further enforce the idea that quarterbacks struggle in Pittsburgh. However, in 2024 as well, it might have nothing to do with the franchise and simply where the players are in their careers.

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