Luka Doncic’s Bad Attitude Is Going To Be a Big Problem for Mavericks in Game 4

Luka Doncic Game Four

Luka Doncic is one of the best NBA players on the court right now. However, his team is entering game four of the Finals down 0-3 to the Boston Celtics. Despite his incredible scoring abilities, Doncic can be considered one of the key reasons his team crashed in game three. If his attitude problem persists, the Celtics will sweep the Dallas Mavericks and lift banner 18. It’s time for Luka Magic to take some accountability and stop having a tantrum after every single possession. 

Luka Doncic Can’t Stop Complaining 

Luka Doncic is great at scoring, getting the ball where it needs to go, and screaming at referees. This one flaw hurts his game immensely. If a player complains on every call, even the ones that go his way, it’s going to end with the refs putting a cork in their whistle. He’s turned himself into the boy who cries wolf.

There were multiple possessions last game where it was clear that the Celtics didn’t put a hand on Doncic. However, he made the decision to turn and yell at the refs. This isn’t just an NBA Finals thing. Watch any game Doncic is playing in, NBA and for his country, and one will see him getting upset. Now, this has happened for years in the league.

Celtics star Jayson Tatum is known for flinging his hands in the air and having dramatic moments, but Luka takes it to a new level. This cannot happen in game four, or it’ll be a wrap for the Mavs. 

Causing a Problem for the Mavericks Defense

It seemed like number 77 had turned his defense on for the playoffs. Doncic was actually guarding guys and not sagging in his position. This has changed in this series against Boston. He’s getting blown by multiple times in one possession by different players. Yes, one must take into account that he isn’t playing 100% healthy. However, it’s more than that. It doesn’t take a full effort to get out to the three-point line or just put one’s hands up. Also, he’s choosing to argue instead of get back.

The Cs were able to get multiple easy transition baskets because Doncic sat on the ground staring at the refs while his team sprinted back to try and play four vs. five. There were two plays in a row where he did this exact thing, leading to Boston getting momentum. Seeing your star sit and pout while the opposition is hustling back as a unit can destroy morale. Once again, if he can’t make a change to this in game four, his team will have no chance. 

Also, it doesn’t help that Doncic has multiple frustration fouls under his belt. Sometimes, these types of fouls are completely understandable, but they can’t happen in this type of playoff game. Your team is fighting to stay alive now, and frustration fouls hurt your play. Furthermore, those fouls added up and would be the catalyst for his fouling out when his team needed him most. 

How Doncic Can Change Things in Game Four

The Mavs star needs to be taken out of the defensive rotation somehow. There needs to be a plan set so that he can’t be exploited. One thing they can do is not switch on screens. Doncic is being targeted, and it’s obvious. Switch defense is the worst thing they can do. Also, they could take a defensive lesson from the Celtics.

When Al Horford is guarding Kyrie Irving or Doncic, he sets himself up to push them towards the help. He then has other players ready to stunt toward the ball and cause the offense to pick up their dribble. The Mavs should be doing this for Luka, especially if he is injured. Do not let him get put on an island with Tatum or Jaylen Brown or the defense is going to implode. 

Is Luka going to stop complaining to refs in game four? Probably not. It doesn’t have to be a complete 180 though. He just needs to not do it when the Cs are in transition. If he wants to complain during free throws or a side out, go for it. Just don’t do it when your team needs you back on defense. Luka Doncic desperately needs to stop running his mouth and reset himself before game four. 

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