Breaking News: Jacksonville Jaguars Sign Face of the Franchise to Massive 5 Year Extension

Jacksonville Jaguars Signed

In an unsurprising move, the Jacksonville Jaguars signed their superstar quarterback Trevor Lawerence beyond 2024. The Jaguars extended their quarterback after picking him first overall in 2021 and led them to the playoffs in 2022. 

Even with an underwhelming 2023 campaign Trevor Lawerence in the organization’s eyes still has the potential to be a superstar. There is a lot of pressure for the Jaguars this upcoming season but extending their best quarterback is the first step toward long-term success.

Jacksonville Jaguars Signed Their First Overall Pick

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After a disappointing season for the Jacksonville Jaguars, they are looking to improve, by adding more for the offense. The Jaguars have drafted Brian Thomas Jr to help the offensive receiving core and for Trevor Lawerence’s production. This move along with extending Lawrence could help the Jaguars offense in 2024. 

The health of Trevor Lawernce was also in effect in 2023 with injuries hampering him down but the Jacksonville Jaguars signed him anyway. With the Jacksonville Jaguars extending him, it shows that the franchise is willing to put their faith in him for the long-term future. There is hope that Lawrence could come back to 2022 form and show why he was the first overall pick in 2021. 

Why The Jacksonville Jaguars Signed Their First Overall Pick

With the Jacksonville Jaguars extension, it shows that Trevor Lawrence is their long-term future beyond 2024. Trevor Lawrence, with his flaws of turning the ball over in 2023, has delivered the potential of being a franchise quarterback and could help the team in 2024. With Jacksonville bringing in new weapons, Lawrence could fulfill his potential in 2024.

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed their franchise quarterback to a long-term deal because they believe he could deliver in 2024. Lawrence could have a strong season with the Jaguars if he is fully healthy and could lead them to another divisional title. 

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