Falcons Get Huge Fine And Docked 2025 Fifth-Round Draft Pick

Falcons get docked 2025 5th round draft pick and a huge fine.

The NFL completed its investigation into the Atlanta Falcons anti-tampering violation and has determined that the Falcons are guilty of the violations.  

The offense occurred in March and is centered around the signing of three free agents.  What does this mean for the Falcon?

Falcons Activities Constitute Anti-Tampering Violation

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According to the NFL, “any direct contact between the player and an employee or club representative is prohibited. This includes discussing travel arrangements or other logistical matters, which the club acknowledges took place concerning these three players.” 

The Falcons understand they committed the violation in connection with the signing of quarterback Kirk Cousins, wide receiver Darnell Mooney, and tight end Charlie Woerner. In a statement the Falcons said

“We cooperated fully with the league and its review, and appreciate the league’s thoroughness. As we do with every process, we will review how we operate and look for ways to improve.”

In addition to losing a 2025 fifth-round draft pick the Falcons received a $250000 fine and Terry Fontenot, the Falcons’ General Manager has been fined $50,000.  

Consequences Not So Bad For The Falcons 

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The violations fall under administrative activities, so the punishments are not so severe.  Administrative activities can include things like discussing travel arrangements.  However, this does mean the Falcons will have fewer draft picks in 2025.  Fewer drafts and possible changes to OTAs in 2025 may make it a challenging season for the Falcons.

Tom Pelissero tweeted this morning “The violations are considered logistical/administrative, such as making travel arrangements after players agreed to terms, and did not involve contact before the negotiating window, per sources.”

Losing a fifth-round pick isn’t so bad when you compare that with the Dolphins who lost their 2023 first and third-round draft picks for a violation in 2022. In addition to the loss, “Stephen Ross also was fined $1.5 million as part of the disciplinary finding”.

Falcons May Find 2024 Rough Put Promising

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It may be a little rough for the Falcons in weeks 1-3.  They start the season against the Pittsburgh Steelers, then, the Philadelphia Eagles, and in week three they play the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The addition of Kirk Cousins brings promise to the season. Jose Rohdin reported on betus.com:

Still, adding Cousins should immediately boost the Falcons’ offense, which features talented players such as Bijan Robinson, Kyle Pitts and Drake London. However, the team still has some potential issues. The defense can be a question mark, which the Falcons could have addressed with the No. 8 pick in the draft, but there is still talent in the secondary in A.J. Terrell and Jessie Bates III.

Will 2024 be the season for the Falcons? If just might be. 

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