Will Jacks Looks to Apply Virat Kohli’s Guidance for T20 World Cup Success


The recent frenzy is spurred by England’s upcoming T20 World Cup title defense next month. Will Jacks, with his intent being that of the all-rounder, is ready to use the in-game coaching of Virat Kohli as received during the IPL. Jacks, who is a player for Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) in the IPL, wants to use these tips shared by Kohli for his team England to set up future success in these tournaments.

Learning from Kohli’s Mentorship

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Will Jacks, who scored a valuable 37 runs during a warm-up match against Pakistan, had flattering words for Kohli after meeting the Indian star during the IPL. He also briefly praised Kohli for his proper attitude towards the game. To add emphasis to his dedication and passion, the thick black line around his body illustrates that he can be intense about anything involving cricket, whether it is available on the field or behind the scenes.

Jacks also recognized the on-field energy of Kohli and positively conveyed that he is inspired by the kind of dedication that the veteran cricketer brings in.

“When we were batting together, he was guiding me out there,” said Jacks, referring to Kohli’s involvement in encouraging mentorship during their stint. He also lauded Kohli for his mentorship in giving him insights on how to apply himself while batting as well as managing the game, which he noted was particularly beneficial in addressing his weaknesses.

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Excitement for the T20 World Cup

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Although a relatively young player on the international circuit, Jacks is looking forward to featuring in the T20 World Cup, which is something he never dreamed of when he began his playing career. When the World Cup was near, the message that Jacks wanted to get across to the team was creating momentum in the right direction for England.

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Challenges and Growth


When asked questions regarding his T20 career and the changes in batting positions. Jacks identified a major factor in T20 cricket, including the option of changing the role in the team. He agreed with the fact that once in the game, one needs to translate good intentions into winning scores and also stressed the concept of having a winning attitude regardless of personal scores.

“Perhaps it would not be amiss to surmise that I’m just coming to blow at three,” Jack remarked while also implying that he was still learning at that. He pointed to the need to assist in the team’s victories; thus, he or she forgets individual scores but targets the victory of the whole team.

While the tournament season builds up for England’s team in the forthcoming T20 World Cup. The player in discussion here relishes the ambition to contribute to his team’s success in a global tournament.

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