Major Decisions to be Made as Mikal Bridges Trade Rumors Increase For 2024-25 Season

Brooklyn Nets Mikal Bridges

Mikal Bridges has been a valuable NBA asset for the Brooklyn Nets and rival offseason team scouts. NBA teams in the offseason are lurking and waiting for the opportunity to snatch this Net’s small forward. The 27-year-old player performed great on the Brooklyn Nets’ court since he signed from the Suns averaging 21.2 points, 3.4 assists, 4.5 rebounds, and 57.4 TS% and replacing Kevin Durant who went to the Phoenix Suns.

On the other hand, the Brooklyn Nets didn’t have a decent 2023-24 season as they didn’t qualify for the play-in or playoff tournament finishing as the 11th seed of the Eastern Conference with (32-50). Thus this offseason, the Nets are taking another approach that could affect Mikal Bridges’ future.

Brooklyn Nets Offseason Outlook And Mikal Bridges’ Future

Brooklyn Nets' Mikal Bridges

Before now, the Brooklyn Nets chased the next big thing by landing All-Star players like Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Kevin Durant to reach for the NBA Championship which proved futile.

The Brooklyn Nets learned from their past mistakes and decided to take a different approach for the 2024-25 NBA Season. Also, this approach could be after Mikal Bridges’ future with the Nets.

While the Nets aimed at winning the battle for the NBA Championship, they lost the war. Firstly, the Nets sacrificed most of their first draft cap size to onboard their Big-Three Team. Secondly, they couldn’t achieve a return on investment on their journey to grab the NBA Championship.

Therefore due to these setbacks, the Nets decided to take a long approach towards winning the NBA Championship Marathon. According to the owner of the Brooklyn Nets, Joe Tsai:

The Brooklyn Nets is at a crossroads in a way. I think we didn’t do as well as we expected last season. We didn’t make the playoffs, but we hope to revamp the team and make sure that we can compete in the long run.

The Nets’ aim this season is to build a sustainable winning culture this offseason. Therefore what does this mean for Mikal Bridge’s future?

Mikal Bridges’ Possible Trades During NBA Offseason

Mikal Bridges

As a potential hot cake for this season’s trading market, Mikal Bridges’ court performance caught the eyes of the New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, and Memphis Grizzlies. With these elite teams willing to sacrifice so much to land Mikal Bridges, the Brooklyn Nets could decide to include him in their long-term playbook and extend his contract. However, let’s look at some possible trades if the Nets decide to let their small forward into the trade markets.

Could The Houston Rockets Land Mikal Bridges?

The Houston Rockets to trade for Mikal Bridges

The Rockets demanded Mikal Bridges by offering multiple first-round picks and their rising star Jalen Green and the Brooklyn Nets declined. 

However, with the Nets revealing their goals this offseason, the Houston Rockets might have the upper hand in signing the 27-year-old small forward because now, they understand that taking a long-term approach would demand rebuilding with younger players. Thus, offering draft picks – as the Nets don’t have any this season – and a young star, Jalen Green who’s within the age bracket of their starting five could be an irresistible offer for the Nets.

Could The Memphis Grizzlies Sign Mikal Bridges?

Memphis Grizzlies to trade for Mikal Bridges

The Grizzlies were also on the race track to snatch the 6’6″ small forward. Before the postseason games, they offered four first-draft picks to land this valuable asset. However, though the negotiations didn’t favor them, the Grizzlies still have a better chance to offer a no-brain deal to the Nets.

The Grizzlies had a rough season in which they couldn’t qualify for the postseason games due to the absence of their star player, Ja Morant. As the 2024-25 season looms, the Grizzlies are determined to sign a Co-star to complement Ja Morant and ease the offensive pressure on him.

Can The New York Knicks Bring Mikal Bridges In?

New York Knicks to trade for Mikal Bridges

The New York Knicks are currently in the frontline of the battle to land Mikal Bridges as they could lose their best player in the future. After losing to the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference semifinals, they were faced with the dilemma of losing Julius Randle, as regards trading or extending his contract.

As that looms, the Nets and Knicks have a history of not having a mutual contractual agreement. Therefore signing Mikal Bridges to join his Villanova brothers – Jalen Brunson, Josh Hart, and Donte DiVincenzo – could be challenging for the New York Knicks.

However, the Knicks could emerge with an irresistible offer as they are willing to risk many assets to bag Mikal Bridges. Also, Mikal Bridges could fit into the Knicks’ playbook book easily as he can play more hours efficiently.

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