Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown Incredible Clutchness Brings 1st Eastern Conference MVP

Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown

The Boston Celtics are officially the Eastern Conference Champions and have punched their ticket to the Finals. It has yet to be determined who they will be playing, but one thing rings true: Jaylen Brown is the Eastern Conference MVP, and he deserves it. 

He played hungry all playoffs and pulled off clutch shots throughout every series. This round, he showed everyone why the Boston Celtics chose to keep him there and allow him to shine. 

From Trade Jaylen Brown To Let’s Go JB

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For the past three seasons, Jaylen Brown has faced immense pressure from the Celtics fans and media. It’s been a back and forth conversation about if the Celtics need him when they have Jayson Tatum. However, this season, things have shifted. People have started to realize that Brown is more than just JT’s Robin. These two are a dynamic duo with equal skill sets and an ability to take this team to the top. 

Yes, JB has his off moments especially with his ball handling mishaps. He makes up for it, though, in the energy he brings to every game. He’s the guy to bump chests with opposition for his team and light a fire up under the rest of the Celtics team. Since 2022, he has lived by the phrase he tweeted:

The energy is about to shift.

Boston Celtics Witness Greatness Being Made

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From the corner with seconds left on the clock, Jaylen Brown earned himself a double BANG from Mike Breen as the game one tying three-pointer splashed into the net. This clutch shot taking ability would continue in every single game. JB would knock them down from around the arch with deadly accuracy. 

Down the middle and through the defense, he’d also be the main man in the paint, striking fear into the opposition in front of him. Clearly, Brown has put in the work in the Celtics gym, and he has become a paint bully, adding more skills to his arsenal. This series against the Indiana Pacers has caused Jaylen Brown to truly shine for his team.


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Throw the JT vs. JB debate out the window. These two are officially a deadly duo, and both deserve their flowers. However, tonight, Jaylen Brown took home the hardware with the Larry Bird MVP Trophy. It was a magnificent showing from number seven and I believe a majority of Boston Celtics fans know that he deserved that trophy. 

It’s amazing to see how Jaylen Brown has grown every single year. Through all of the doubt and heat on his back he pushed himself to be where he is now. It’s time for himself and the rest of the Boston Celtics to tear it up in the Finals and hopefully raise Banner 18

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