Barcelona Set to Sign Former Germany and Bayern Munich Manager to Lucrative 2-Year Deal


Barcelona is in the market for a new manager after Xavi and the club “mutually” agreed to part ways following the end of the season. Although, Xavi’s well wishes – if you can call them that – leave the new manager little to be desired when walking into a club that is well past its former glory years.

Back in the days when Busquets was the center of the midfield, Messi was a young winger, and the team would play 1-2 touch football through the rest of the league; Barcelona was top tier. Now, they are a club that consistently overspends their budget, loses games they shouldn’t be, and purchases players who do not fit their playing style.

Can they reclaim their glory years? Maybe, if their new manager has something to say about it.

Barcelona Offer Contract to Ex-Bayern Manager

Xavi announced in January that he would step down as the manager at Barcelona due to being overworked, overtired, and exhausted. But, he eventually recanted his statement from the winter, stating that he was going to stay in the club as the gaffer. However, the club didn’t take his tentative retirement too lightly. So, they sacked him last week to confirm his decision to leave.

Xavi has issued a ‘warning’ and word of caution to the new manager arriving at the club to let him know what to expect with professionalism. The new manager, Hansi Flick – a former Bayern Munich manager and Germany coach – will be taking over sometime this week and signing a lucrative two-year deal.

But his first words of welcoming into the club weren’t very welcoming at all.

‘He will suffer, this is a very complicated place to be…Nothing is closed. I’m a professional let’s see what happens in the future….It is never easy to leave the club of your life, btu I am very proud after two and a half years at the head of a dressing room that has been like a second family. The season things have not gone our way, but we have to let it go and helped to grow a new generation of young footballers from La Masia who inspire all Barcelona fans.’

If Xavi can leave and feel pleased with the development of the club, then that is good for his position moving forward.

Hansi Flick the new Barca Coach

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So, who is Hansi Flick, the new man in charge at the infamous Spanish club? Flick is a German manager and ex-footballer who has had numerous years of success at various clubs in the Bundesliga, such as TSG Hoffenheim, Bayern Munich, and Victoria Bammental.

He first began as player-manager of Bammental but then progressed to a first-team manager at TSG Hoffenheim. His prowess as a manager at a young age made him a desirable assistant for Giovanni Trapattoni at Red Bull Salzburg in the German Bundesliga and the German national team for the DFB in August 2006.

Throughout his long-term tenure as a manager, he grew to be a formidable head coach. In 2021, he signed a three-year deal with the German national team to be the head coach after the UEFA Euro 2020 competition. Despite being sacked in September 2023, he still seems to be the number-one man for the job at Barcelona FC.

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