Aston Villa Manager Agrees To A New 5-Year Contract Extension With The Club

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The Aston Villa manager has nothing to worry about in terms of job security for the 2024-2025 Premier League season. Aston Villa made a huge offer the other day to their existing gaffer in charge of the team, extending his current contract by a whopping five years.

Not only is this a huge deal for players to receive this type of long-term and lucrative offer, but it is almost more surprising for a manager to be given this long of a contract extension – especially after having a moderate season without placing in the top three.

Aston Villa Manager Offered 5-Year Deal

Villa has done a lot better since their manager came in back in 2022, bringing a club that was on the brink of relegation to a fighting team that could upset the big teams, finish in the middle of the table, and not have to worry about dropping back down to the Championship every single season.

Unai Emery, the Spaniard who has helped inspire Villa throughout the past two years, has his 5-year plan laid out in front of him. He signed a huge 5-year contract extension with his current club to see if he can continue on his upward trend of building on what he already has at the burgeoning football club, leading his motivated squad to finish inside of the top four – one of their best-ever finishes.

Aston Villa went from being a team on the brink of relegation, fighting with teams like Sunderland and Southampton to avoid the dreaded bottom two spots, to now contending for Europa positions and Champions League berths.

And Unai Emery is the man for the job. He is thrilled to continue working at such a high-level club that sees the potential in him, his players, and the entire club.

‘Iam very happy to take this step and the responsibility of leading this club. There’s a great chemistry in Aston Villa. And the element of the fans’ support also makes the difference to feel like home. We are really excited to continue the journey with no limits to our dreams.’

Now, Emery can relax and rest assured that he will be the man in charge who will propel them to (ideally) even higher finishes before his contract runs out in 2027.

Aston Villa in the Premier League

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Aston Villa did fantastic in the PL this year for a team that was nowhere on anyone’s mind at the beginning of the season. Villa always falls under the radar, in the shadows of the big teams like Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Arsenal. But they came out firing from the beginning, showing everyone just what they could do.

Despite ending the season with some uncharacteristic defeats against Crystal Palace and Brighton, they had a successful year through and through. They drew with top-tier teams like Chelsea and Liverpool in the last round of the season and easily beat Arsenal and Bournemouth in the final months of the year. Plus, they beat LOSC in the Europa Conference League to progress to the semi-final against Olympiacos.

Let’s hope they bring in some good signings in the off season to bolster their ranks and prepare for the 2024-2025 Premier League season – it is going to be one to watch.

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