Misfits Boxing: Former UFC Contender Battles OnlyFans Model to a Draw| May 2024

Paige VanZant Misfits Boxing

With a lack of other combat sports events on May 25, Misfits Boxing gained additional viewership to its DAZN fight card headlined by Paige VanZant and Elle Brooke.

VanZant and Brooke competed in a five-round affair for the latter’s Misfits Boxing women’s middleweight championship. Under the Misfits Boxing ruleset, the middleweight limit was set at 125 pounds, contrary to traditional boxing regulations, which have the women’s middleweight division at 160 pounds.

Misfits Boxing: Paige VanZant and Elle Brooke Fight to a Draw


Many who tuned into the fight expected former UFC strawweight Paige VanZant to handily beat Elle Brooke due to having the title of a “real” fighter in comparison to Brooke’s primary occupation as an adult film star and OnlyFans model.

However, in the first round, Brooke made her power advantage known, knocking the BKFC veteran down with a straight right hand. VanZant did not appear to be compromised and would remain on her feet for the remainder of the fight, but the opening frame immediately set the tone.

After recovering from the knockdown, the story of the rest of the fight was VanZant’s volume and Brooke’s power. According to the broadcast, VanZant held a two-inch reach advantage, but her main edge was with her fight IQ, hand speed, and combinations.

It was immediately evident that VanZant held the upper hand as a much more experienced fighter despite the match being her boxing debut. As a lifelong martial artist, the 30-year-old had a much better feel for her distance and timing but could not remain disciplined defensively. As she routinely pressured Brooke and overwhelmed the Misfits champion, the young model kept herself alive with timely and powerful right-handed shots.

By the end of the ten-minute fight, Brooke was the bloodier fighter but seemed to have dealt the most damage. With her knockdown in the first round, Brooke owned the only 10-8 round of the fight.

As the official scores were read, each judge saw the action a different way, with one scoring in favor of VanZant, the other giving the edge to Brooke, and the third having the bout a 47-47 tie. Thus, the fight was scored as a split draw.

A Potential Rematch

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With the result of the championship fight being a draw, the defending champion, Elle Brooke, retained her title and status as the Misfits Boxing women’s middleweight queen. Given the result of her fight with Paige VanZant, the English model’s second title defense will likely be a rematch of the MF & DAZN: X Series 15 main event.

In the fallout from the fight, both women looked dejected — VanZant a little more than Brooke. Both were granted post-fight interviews and expressed interest in a rematch to settle the score.

Brooke, an upbeat personality, said the result was “perfect” for her to set up a lucrative rematch. VanZant obliged, though not as cheerfully.

Though VanZant remains under contract with the BKFC, she seemed to have little trouble negotiating with the promotion’s president Dave Feldman to face Brooke on May 25, suggesting the road to a rematch is plausible. The fighters promoted a rivalry against each other during the event marketing but like most cases, put their differences aside once the final bell rang.

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