Deion Sanders’ Son In Hot Water After Filing For Bankruptcy

Deion Sanders and Shilo Sanders

Deion Sanders and his sons are some of the hottest names in college football right now. When Coach Prime came to Colorado, he brought his talented sons with him. They have benefitted from the emergence of NIL and are some of the top earners in college football. However, one son, Shilo Sanders, has found himself in some legal trouble. His NIL earnings have been called into question amidst his filing for bankruptcy.

Deion Sanders’ Son Shilo Sanders In Legal Trouble

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Shilo Sanders filed for bankruptcy last October because of an $11 million debt. The debt stems from a 2015 lawsuit where a security guard sued the Buffaloes safety. He claimed he was assaulted by Sanders and sustained permanent injuries. The security guard won that lawsuit and won $12 million in court when the player did not show up to court in 2022. The son of Deion Sanders then filed for bankruptcy, with his attorney releasing this statement.

“Given the size of the judgment and the fact that Shilo was an undergraduate college student looking towards graduate programs, the creation of a post-judgment receivership would have a permanent effect on his ability to start his life after graduation, and would likely result in the Debtor (Sanders) remaining subject to collection efforts from the Plaintiff for the rest of his life. As a result, the Debtor filed his voluntary petition for relief pursuant to Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code to allow him to get a fresh start, free from the oppressive burden of his debts.”

Bankruptcy allows people to get out of debt and get a fresh start. The security guard wants the money for damages. It is a mess of a situation that has a lot of unanswered questions.

Messy Situation

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The attorney for Shilo Sanders says his client simply wants a fresh start. He is an undergraduate in college and wants to set himself up for success down the road.

“Shilo is the honest but unfortunate debtor looking to get his fresh start in life, free from the oppressive burden of his debts, including the default judgement to the Plaintiff.”

This is a sticky situation. Sanders has disputed the events that happened, and any time there is a famous figure involved like Deion Sanders, questions are asked about whether a person is simply trying to get a big payday. It’s unclear at this point what will happen but this will likely be a subplot of the season for the Colorado Buffaloes.

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