Report: Zach Edey “Impressed” Many Teams In NBA Draft Interviews

Zach Edey NBA Draft

Zach Edey is one of the most polarizing players in the upcoming NBA Draft. While his college resume speaks for itself, the two-time National Player of the Year isn’t atop many draft boards. The NBA game is different from college, and many teams have been concerned about his lack of athleticism. At the draft combine, teams get a chance to see the players in action and talk with them. According to a report, Edey was very impressive in his interviews, which involved him moving up draft boards.

NBA Draft: Zach Edey Impresses In Interviews

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ESPN’s Jonathan Givony and Jeremy Woo reported that Zach Edey interviewed very well with teams. The former Purdue Boilermaker showed off his serious approach to the game and stressed his physicality. 

“[He] discussed the joy he takes in punishing opponents with his physicality, a trait that was readily apparent on film. Edey has fans in the top 10, but also plenty of detractors, creating a somewhat wide range that extends into the 20s, depending on how the draft shakes out.”

It wasn’t just in the interviews that he impressed. Reports indicate his jump shot surprised some people. Zach Edey wasn’t asked to be an outside shooting presence for Purdue. In today’s NBA, every person on the floor has to have the ability to shoot, or it severely hampers what a team can do on the floor. If Edey can develop a shot, he could be the steal of the NBA Draft.

Where Will He Land?

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Trying to guess what will happen in this NBA Draft is impossible. Zach Edey could be in the top ten or could fall to the late first round. It’s anyone’s guess. The concerns about Edey’s game are real. His lack of athleticism will be detrimental in certain situations. We saw last night when Luka Doncic hit the game-winning shot over Rudy Gobert. Edey will get carved up by elite guards on switches. This limits his role, especially in a playoff setting.

Many players, including Zach Edey, will move up and down NBA Draft boards a lot. While some may find this draft boring, the fact there is no clear order will make the draft night even more fascinating than usual.

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