Pittsburgh Steelers Legend Jerome Bettis Reveals His Pick For Team’s Week 1 Starting QB

The Pittsburgh Steelers set out to fix their quarterback situation after last year’s disaster. Only time will tell whether they brought in the right pieces. After a disastrous season in Denver last season, Russell Wilson signed with the Steelers this offseason. Then, the team traded for former first-round pick Justin Fields after the Bears decided to go with Caleb Williams. There has been some debate on who should start for the team in week 1. Franchise legend Jerome Bettis revealed his pick in a recent interview.

Pittsburgh Steelers Jerome Bettis On Team’s QB Situation

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Jerome Bettis is riding with the former Super Bowl champion. He believes that Russell Wilson will be the starting quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 1. In an interview with Zach Gleb, he was asked whether it would surprise him if Fields beat out Wilson in training camp for the starting job. 

“It would surprise me. I think he’s definitely the polished guy. You saw what he was doing last year in Denver. He didn’t leave Denver because of this play. I can promise you that. So I believe he’ll be the starter Week One.

While we haven’t seen it over the past few years, Russell Wilson does have a track record of leading successful teams to the postseason. Fields can be electric but is 10-28 as a starting quarterback in the NFL. The former Ohio State quarterback has made it clear that he plans to compete for the starting job. Does he have a chance to start for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Will We See Justin Fields Start In 2024?

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I have to agree with Jerome Bettis on this matter. In week 1, the Pittsburgh Steelers will go with Russell Wilson, barring something drastic happening in the training camp. Wilson was likely promised a starting job when he signed with the team in the offseason. However, this does not rule out fans seeing Justin Fields this season. First off, I expect offensive coordinator Arthur Smith to have a package specifically for him.

Furthermore, if the Pittsburgh Steelers struggle to start the season, the cries for Fields to start will only be louder. Wilson isn’t the quarterback he once was. If the offense sputters yet again and the team stumbles out of the gate, there could be pressure to make a change at quarterback. While Jerome Bettis is likely correct, this is still a battle to watch in training camp.

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