NBA: Lonzo Ball Shares Eye-Opening Details About His Knee Injury| May 25, 2024

Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball shares eye-opening details about his knee injury:

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Lonzo Ball appears to be on a positive trajectory of coming back to the NBA after he did not feature in an NBA game for over two years, and currently, a Bulls star has decided to shed some light on what many have not known concerning his knee injury.

He recounted the extensive problems that he has faced in the latest episode of What an Experience podcast which he hosts alongside his friend and Ball said that he first injured his knee when he was playing for the Los Angeles Lakers during his early NBA career.


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All of a sudden, it ran its course from a meniscus tear to begin with, starting on the Lakers when I first injured it, Ball said. “I had to take it a couple of more times to get it to the stage where there was no meniscus anymore, only bones are rubbing against each other, so cartilage washes out and bone also got injured; I had to undergo surgery and receive a new meniscus from the donor, I had to have new bone put in and some fresh cartilage as well; The report from Lonzo Ball of Snapchat fame stated that a meniscus was transplanted to him.

Water skiing is his favorite pastime since it provides him with a full body workout and flexibility, and mostly, it helps him maintain balance. Lonzo Ball also revealed that he had a wasted year last season due to doctors attempting to determine what the problem was, but the former high flyer confessed that he had been on the right healing journey for the past 14 or 15 months. Considering that Ball alters his narrative frequently, he said he should be fit to play as soon as the 2024-25 season begins.

What we assumed before Lonzo Ball unveiled the details of his injury on his podcast was that he had a torn meniscus in 2022. He had cartilage surgery in his knee in 2023 and played through the discomfort into this season and then missed this entire season. They even heard that on his knee, he was having issues to the extent of struggling with everyday exercises.

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