Bologna Manager Set To Be Announced As New Juventus Coach for 2024-2025


Juventus were in the market for a new manager for their men’s team – but not anymore. It looks as though the ex-Bologna manager has been chosen specifially for the job, hoping to lead the Italian team to greatness that has been lost in recent years. Despite having highly-talented players and performing well over the last few aseasons, they have not reclaimed their elite glory of decades past.

But, they hope to change their luck by hiring the former Bologna manager for the 2024-2025 season. The former player and ex-talented-midfielder refused to sign a new contract with his team, giving Juventus fans hope that he could be the next in line to take over for their struggling side.

Juventus Manager

The new Juventus manager has been found in the form of Thiago Motta, the ex-Bologna coach and leader who will now take over for Italian side, Juventus. Motta joined his now-previous club just a few games into the 2022-2023 season after the club started horribly with their previous gaffer. Not only did he have an uphill battle to climb, as they were sitting way down at the bottom of the table in a dire 16th place, but he didn’t have much time to turn the club around. But, somehow, he did it.

His perseverance, tenacity, determination, and tactical awareness made everyone in the soccer world take note of this smart manager who was able to bring Bologna back up from the relegation zone to a mid-table final standing.

He was able to guide this little-known club to a Champions League qualifying match. The Bologna board, fans, and pundits were all in awe of his accomplishments after coming to a club in shambles. The Bologna president had nothnig but hgih praise of the now-former manager.

‘In the past two yaers, I have gotten to know a well-prepared and winning coach. He has instilled a brilliant style of play in thsi time. Reaching the Champions League means he and all these players will go down in our club’s history. I would have liked him to stay at Bologna, but I can only ever thank him…’

Now, he looks to move on to bigger and better things at the super club, Juventus.

Juventus struggled last year

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Last year, Juventus struggled under their former coach, Allegri. Max Allegri was not only known for having a horrible stint with the Italian giants, but for also losing his cool and making a scene at the Coppa Italia final. Allegri not only was sent off for a screaming match with the referees for the game, but he was fired very quickly after the conclusion of the season.

Seemingly before he had even packed up the things in his office, Juventus was already on to Motta for the next year’s managerial job.

Juventus are no doubt looking for someone who can handle pressure and thrive in a tough environment. Motta can do just that. He is tactical, patient, and analytical, a welcome change to Juventus’ previous gaffer. He will try to impress a possession-based style (like Barcelona) for this team to outwork their opponents, outplay the other teams, and keep the ball for longer, meaning they have to do less defensive output.

Motta wants the Juventus players to have patience with the ball, keeping the ball for longer to open up gaps in the opposing team and thread a through pass when the time is right. This leads to more attacking play, more shots, and more goals – exactly what Juventus fans want to hear.

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