Juventus Set To Sign Exciting Serie A Best Goalkeeper for 2024-2025 Season


Juventus were in the market for a stand-out goalkeeper that can keep the ball out of the net heading into the Serie A season next year.

A goalkeeper is arguably the most important position on the pitch – without a reliable #1 who can keep the ball at their feet, distribute passes, save penalties, and hold onto crosses, a team is doomed. That is why Juventus has offered a hefty sum for a fantastic Serie A keeper that has everyone talking.

Juventus In the Race to Sign Serie A Keeper for Next Season

Juventus are ready to offer a great contract to the goalkeeper currently turning heads at Monza, Di Gregorio. However, Juve aren’t the only ones – other teams in Serie A, and elsewhere at top leagues in the world, has noticed Di Gregorio’s shot stopping abilities and are in the market for a big-time purchase.

Di Gregorio has stood out in the top league in Italy ever since his youth club earned a promotion back in 2022, making himself known as one of the top keepers in the league for the past two seasons. Despite being only young, he has made a name for himself as a keeper who can make a difference on a team and be in the game for a long time.

Since Di Gregorio is only in his mid-20s, he is a hot commodity for teams in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. Juve need to make a bid quickly so they can finalize the deal and lock in the talented keeper as their number-one option for next season.

Juventus are in the market for a keeper as they are searching for a long-term replacement for their current brick wall between the posts, Wojciech Sczesny. Sczesny is an older player who has helped Juventus succeed throughout the years, but his contract is currently ending this year and it begs to question whether the club will want to re-sign an older keeper for only one or two more seasons.

In this case, Juventus need to make a push for Di Gregorio before other clubs do so, such as Roma or Atalanta.

Juventus Looking Forward

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Juventus ended this season in third place in Serie A, a fine finish for a club that at times struggled to find their form. Up against big clubs like Atalanta, Roma, Inter, and Milan, a top-three finish is a fair result for such a legendary club – but they hope to do better next year.

Juve earned 71 points on the year, besting fourth place Bologna by only one win. Atalanta, Roma, and Lazio were all within striking distance of Juventus heading into the final matches, showing just how close Serie A is in terms of competition. But, if they want to fight for the top spot, they have to challenge Inter – a team that amassed 93 points on the season, besting second place by almost seven wins.

Plus, Juve need to work on their shot-stopping AND scoring. In the last few matches of the season, Bologna drew with Juve 3-3, Juventus drew with Salernitana 1-1, drew with Roma 1-1, and drew with Milan 0-0. This indicates a lack of goal-scoring abilities to help put away matches – if they had won these last four games, they would have probably secured second place on the year.

If Juventus want to compete for the Serie A trophy, they need prolific strikers, creative midfielders, strong defenders, and a reliable goalkeeper – and Di Gregorio might be the one.

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