Breaking News: Pat Cummins Matches Anil Kumble’s IPL Amazing Record as SRH Captain


Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) captain Pat Cummins has become one of the great IPL captains for his effortful leadership and skillful bowling. Cummins Lead SRH reach a historic achievement in India’s IPL competition. That was enough to match the great Anil Kumble’s record, and Cummins has now emulated him as the second captain in this league scene to achieve the second highest wickets in a single season.

Season Highlights and Milestone

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Cummins has been in good form as a bowler for his side during the on-going IPL 2024 tournament, where he has claimed 17 wickets. This achievement reflects the outstanding performance of Anil Kumble in the 2010 season, where he captained the Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB). Pat Cummins played a crucial match during IPL 2024.

More specifically during the Qualifier 2 match in Chennai on Friday, where he bowled a brilliant over to dismiss Tom Kohler-Cadmore of the Rajasthan Royals (RR). This wicket not only paved the way the way for SRH’s crucial victory but also enabled Cummins to complete this significant achievement of 17 wickets to tie Kumble.

It has been quite the journey to this station that marks Cummins’ versatility and determination. Having excelled at handling SRH both as a batsman and bowler, he once again rose to the occasion by performing well under pressure. This fact has especially come to the limelight due to his capacity to actually nail big moments during the game this season of SRH.

He has picked up 17 wickets, while a couple of wickets have been a crucial and deciding factor in SRH’s fortunes as a leader and bowler.

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Shane Warne’s Unmatched Record


However, this achievement was done by Cummins when he took 15 wickets in total, as much as the previous record holder. Shane Warne, has captured wickets in a single IPL season as a captain. This interface was installed by the Australian spin wizard during the first IPL season of 2008. When the Rajasthan Royals emerged as champions and he bagged as many as 19 wickets to his credit.

Warne’s record has stayed well, proving that he is quite different from the others who have played for different countries.

Following that, SRH has a chance to take on the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in an eagerly anticipated IPL 2024 finale on Sunday, and Cummins has a miraculous chance to create a record. The record that he stood to break was set by Shane Warne, and if he were to take three more wickets, he would be equal to the record but more than the man who set it.

In the final match, Andy has an opportunity to achieve it, and going by these statistics, it is quite within Cummins’ capability to create this record in the IPL.

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A Stellar Year for Cummins

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The BBL stint is not the only accomplishment that Cummins has scored this year in the IPL as well. Cummins’ has also fared well in the international ladder, apart from performing well in IPL franchise cricket. He is likely to have an outstanding year, as he guided Australia to success in the World Test Championship and the 50-over World Cup last year.

These achievements point to the exemplary character of Cummins as a leader and his capacity to transform his team in all forms of the game.

Sunrisers Hyderabad frontline management did not flinch in terms and conditions when it concerned buying Cummins for a whopping Rs 20. 50 crore in the IPL auction. The senior of these players is more experienced than the junior of them, and that’s why their base price is too high. They are one of the most important players on their team and are much more reliable than any junior player.

Indeed, this has been a sure bet because, year in and year out, Cummins has performed exceedingly well in the entire season. He has been exemplary both as a leader on the field and as a as a key strategist, which has contributed to the integration of SRH into the final. He has translated notionally into the team’s fold, as a bowler maker and as a model, through his performance on the field.

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