BOOM BOOM Shahid Afridi Joins Star-Studded Ambassador Lineup for ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024

Shahid Afridi
It has been amazing may be knowing that the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced regarding Shahid Afridi. The Former Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team and Iconic Al-rounder, is going to be the the ambassadors for the Men’s T20 World Cup 2024.

This makes him more popular in the cricketing world and in the history of cricket. Some other popular stars of the cricket and Globel games are also selected for ambassadors of the T20 World Cup. This includes Yuvraj Singh, Chris Gayle, and Usain Bolt .

Recognition and praise

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They have not left the T20 World Cup tournament unnoticed, with particular contributions by Shahid Afridi, and for this, ICC General Manager Marketing & Communications, Claire Furlong, has applauded Shahid Afridi’s remarkable record of performances during the tournament.

Shahid  Afridi has scored a total of 534 runs in this series alone, has a total of nine Player of the Match awards in his pocket, and is a hugely committed ambassador.

With the T20 World Cup 2024 scheduled to commence soon, people interested in watching cricket matches are eagerly waiting for this event, or rather, for the largest event to be held.

With Shahid Afridi and other cricketing icons leading the way, the tournament is set to showcase the greatest of Twenty20 cricket and deliver unforgettable moments. People, put your schedules in writing! The US and the West Indies host this exhilarating cricket spectacle, which gets underway on June 1st.

Shahid Afridi Performance In 2004 T20 World Cup

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As player of the 2009 T20 World Cup-winning team, Shahid Afridi broke the record for the fastest century, having faced only 40 balls, and set a benchmark that no other cricketer has been able to achieve in this format of the game till today.

Most cricket followers will remember Shahid Afridi’s contribution to the T20 World Cup as eventful, memorable, and impactful, as it yielded historic milestones. The right-handed batsman known for his superb leadership qualities. He was a key player for Pakistan to lead the team towards the trophy in the 2009 edition and was instrumental in helping his team reach the finals in the 2007 edition.

Excitement and anticipation

Shahid Afridi


Relieving fans excitement over the event, Shahid Afridi shares how this competition is dear to him since his involvement in the T20 World Cup. He also talked about the current and past state of the tournament and how it has expanded in recent years, stating that game lovers will see more exciting events with more teams and matches and high drama in the future.

Cricket has remained a significant highlight in this year’s tournament, and a match that Shahid Afridi would be more than willing to see is the match between India and Pakistan to be played on June 9th. As expected from any match with these two regional bitter rivals and their die-hard supporters, this match is definitely going to be one of spectacle, especially given that it will be held in New York.

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