Charles Barkley: Massive 300 Ib Hack That Propelled His Playing Career

Charles Barkley

Before Charles Barkley turned himself into one of the most quotable television personalities in American history, he was an NBA superstar. And before he was in the NBA, he played basketball at Auburn University where something — let’s just say — not-so-ordinary happened.

In case you weren’t too familiar with Charles Barkley’s playing career, he crushed about as many records you could hope for at the collegiate level. From leading the SEC in rebounding to holding the record for the highest field goal percentage — Sir Charles, as many call him, was a handful for opposing defenses.

But what may have been even more stunning was his physique as a teenager. No, we’re not talking physique as in your typical muscular athlete.

In fact, Charles Barkley was quite the opposite, making his story quite remarkable.

Charles Barkley Confirms He Weighed 300 Pounds

Charles Barkley

In a recent episode of the Club Shay Shay podcast hosted by NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe, Charles Barkley revisited a ton of his old-school memories, from his playing career in both college and the NBA and even rumors speculating how heavy he got.

Shannon Sharpe asked Charles Barkley a very straightforward question: “How the hell were you doing all that at 300 pounds?”

Wait, you might be asking yourself — was Charles Barkley really 300 pounds in the NBA? Actually, that’s not what Sharpe was implying when he asked Barkley that question. Sharpe was asking if it was true that Barkley weighed 300 pounds as a freshman in college!

If you needed a reminder, a freshman in college is 18 years old. Charles Barkley was a 300-pound 18-year-old with many gifts. “I mean, I had some serious talent, to be honest with you,” Barkley said. “I’m probably the only freshman ever to lead the SEC in rebounds, so I am not thinking about flaws; I think I am doing pretty good. So, I am not thinking about, ‘Yo man, lose weight…’ No, I’m good.”

Charles Barkley is notorious for being relatable, and that quote he uttered is the epitome of just that. Just think to yourself: how many times have you continued doing something risky, but you kept going because you were finding success?

Sure, Barkley was a behemoth as a teenager in college, which wasn’t a good thing by any stretch. But he had as much natural talent as one could ask for, somewhat providing a cover for his bad habits.

Charles Barkley Ate What?

Charles Barkley

Many athletes engage in something famously known as a ‘cheat day.’ But if you were young Charles Barkley, every day was a cheat day, which officially put his diet out of control.

As a new college student, Barkley — like most people — had a ton on his mind. But it turns out it had nothing to do with his studies or career. Instead, Barkley was more interested in choosing his toppings, once ordering over 100 pizzas within the first 200 days of college.

So, going back to Sharpe’s question asking Barkley how he was able to keep up a high level of play — it’s confounding, to say the least.

“What happened was, we didn’t finish practice in time to eat most of the time, to be honest with you. By the time you practice and take a shower, and relax, it is too late to eat. Or you get there, and all the good stuff is gone, and about 10 or 11 o’clock, you’re hungry. So we ordered pizza 3, 4 times a week, no question,” Barkley said.

Charles Barkley Has Regrets (Believe It or Not)

Charles Barkley

When you watch him offer his insight and analysis on TV, you’re immediately convinced Barkley means every word that comes out of his mouth. He’s a man of many things — just not regrets.

But as he sat in front of Sharpe as a guest on his podcast, Barkley said, “I should have lost weight sooner, I could’ve been better. When you’re 18 and having success, you don’t think anything, [you’re] good.”

Simply put, Charles Barkley was one of the greatest college basketball players ever. But if Barkley devoted more time to fitness, there’s no telling how much better he could have been.

Here’s a guy who once hit 161 of his 250 shot attempts during his sophomore year in college.

Charles Barkley once famously advised New Orleans Pelicans superstar Zion Williamson, saying, “If it tastes good, spit it out.”

If only someone were there to tell a teenage Barkley to do the same.

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