The Oldest MLB Player Alive Turns 100


The oldest MLB player alive, Art Schallock, turned 100 on April 25th, 2024. Imagine it… Art Schallock has lived through the Great Depression as a young child, being drafted to serve his country in World War II at 19 years old, and of course playing for the New York Yankees in the 1950s.

Art Schallock joins other former players who have made it to be centenarians. George Elder was the eldest major league baseball player before Schallock when he passed away last year at 101 years old, and before Elder, Eddie Robinson was the eldest MLB player alive until he passed away in 2021 at 100 years old.

The Oldest MLB Player’s Baseball Career

Art Schallok as a young man (k/Pinterest).

Schallock worked his way up by playing in junior college and minor league baseball leagues in America and Canada until he made his big signing with the New York Yankees in 1951.

The former MLB player is definitely more famous for his age than for his career. His career stats can be viewed here, most notably winning three world series during his career. He was also roommates with Yogi Berra!

A Little More About Art Schallock

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Art Schallock lived through more good times and bad than most of us can ever hope to have.

For example, he was married to his wife Dona for an astonishing 75 years, but then he lost his life partner last April when she passed away.

Schallock had a lot of love in his life with two kids and five grandchildren (so far), but he knows family tragedy as well.

His brother, Melvin, passed away at 61 years old after one or more individuals broke into his home and killed him, his wife Ruth, and his 19-year-old son Daniel with over 14 shots fired in what can be identified as “overkill.” The house was set on fire as the intruder(s) left. A neighbor saw one of the shooters, whom he identified as being in his early 20s. The man shot the couple’s two cars as he was leaving in apparent spite.

Art Schallock, the MLB’s oldest player holding a relic (Photo courtesy of The Athletic).

On a more positive note, Art Schallock celebrated with a birthday bash at the Cogir On Napa Road Assisted Living and Memory Care. Roughly 300 people came to his parking-lot birthday party decorated with a New York Yankees theme. Schallock was literally rolled out in his wheelchair on a red carpet. He celebrated the occasion surrounded by friends, MLB fans, and family.

Does the former MLB player have any advice on living to 100? Only drink two (not just one) mixed vodka drinks before dinner, as his wife insisted, with any number of bonus beers you want. He had no mention of a diet either, although that would probably be him walking to and from the fridge for beverages after work.

Someone keep this man’s vodka drinks coming. He has to make it past 111 if he wants to beat the oldest baseball player who ever lived, New York Lincoln Giants Si Simmons. He can tie with the eldest former New York Yankee player, Red Hoff if he lives another seven years.

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