NBA Clutch Player of the Year: 3 Interesting and Worthy Nominees

Steph Curry

The NBA Clutch Player of the Year award is the league’s newest regular-season award. This will be the second time in the league’s history that a player will win the award. Last season, the Kings point guard De’Aaron Fox bested Jimmy Butler and DeMar DeRozan to be the inaugural winner.

How is the Clutch Player of the Year determined? It’s how the finalists do in “clutch time.” The league defines clutch time as the game’s last five minutes or overtime when the score is within five points. The league accounts for how many points each player scores within clutch time.

Who are the three finalists this year? Who will win?

Can DeRozan Get The NBA Clutch Player Trophy?

Chicago Bulls DeMar DeRozan the NBA Clutch Player of the Year finalists for 2 years in a row.

DeMar DeRozan is the only guy in the league to be a two-time finalist for the NBA Clutch Player of The Year award. The Chicago Bulls once again failed to make it to the playoffs after their play-in woes. The forward once again has been a midrange magician this season.

This season, DeMar DeRozan averaged 24 points. He shot a very efficient 48% from the field. DeMar has carried Chicago through several tough wins this season with his effective pull-up midrange or his post moves to make tough shots over defenders.

Could SGA Win Both NBA MVP & NBA Clutch Player?

Oklahoma City Thunder

Shai-Gilgeous Alexander is not only a strong MVP candidate but also a very strong NBA Clutch Player of The Year candidate. Shai has the most 30-point games this season, scoring 30 in 51 games. He joins the likes of Tracy McGrady, James Harden, and Kobe Bryant as the only players this millennium to accomplish scoring 30 points in over 50 games in a season.

Shai averaged 30 points this season. He’s known to score from almost any range but specializes in securing great points in the paint and having an automatic mid-range jumper. Ma$e from the popular sports show “It Is What It Is” said that he’s confident that Shai will win the NBA Clutch Player of the Year award.

Can Steph Curry Solidify His Legacy Even Further?

NBA Playoffs

The greatest shooter in NBA history could add even more accolades to his great career by winning the NBA Clutch Player of the Year award. Curry averaged 26 points this season and has made ridiculous shots in the fourth quarter, practically carrying the injury and suspension-ridden Warriors to the play-in games.

There’s no question how clutch of a shooter Curry is in his career, but will he win the NBA Clutch Player of the Year award this year? We’ll see what the NBA thinks soon.

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