BREAKING: 2 Pro-Bowl Cincinnati Bengals Stars Are Requesting Trades In Shocking Development

Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals Defensive End Trey Hendrickson and Wide Receiver Tee Higgins requested a trade from the team within a half hour of one another on Wednesday evening. The Bengals’ star defender is demanding a trade from the team that signed him in 2021. Hendrickson has not spoken with the team regarding a long-term contract. For the Bengals, this could be a disaster for the team if things do not go well.

These trade requests could change the Cincinnati Bengals strategy for tomorrow’s draft. Along with trade rumors with Higgins, Hendrickson is also a good trade target for other teams. Both players are demanding security and money and the Bengals might not have it. The Bengals need to be careful or it will all fall apart.

The Cincinnati Bengals need to tread carefully with this trade request. Further updates will be ongoing. How will everything unfold for the team?

Cincinnati Bengals Star Defender Requesting A Trade

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Since signing with the Bengals in 2021, Hendrickson has been a steady presence for the defense. Hendrickson had a career-high in sacks last season with 17.5 sacks for the Bengals defense. This potential loss of a team’s defensive leader could harm their defensive front. If a trade were to happen, it would have long-term effects on the team. 

The request for a trade seems strange but could make sense with a lack of communication. The tweet today about the request made it clear that Hendrickson wants security but needs more communication on that front. With the NFL draft near, the Bengals will have a trade chip for draft capital. The Bengals will need to make a move quickly. 

Cincinnati Bengals Star Wide Receiver Is Also Requesting A Trade 

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Along with Hendrickson requesting a trade, reports are that Higgins also wants a trade. This could devastate the Bengals offense but the rumors were spreading on that front since the start of the offseason. The reports of talks between Higgins and the Bengals have fallen apart for a trade demand. There will be more updates as the situation is evolving. 

Final Thoughts

For the Cincinnati Bengals, these situations could turn into positives for the NFL draft tomorrow. The Bengals could have trade packages for both players if possible but for now, it’s unknown. With the NFL draft tomorrow, we will figure out more as the story progresses.

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