Kayla Harrison Wins Against Holly Holm With a 2nd-Round Move in Her First UFC 300 Fight

Kayla Harrison Fights

Kayla Harrison: At UFC 300 in Las Vegas, Kayla Harrison, a double cross Olympic gold medalist, ventured into the UFC octagon interestingly, going head to head against Holly Holm on the undercard.

All through the initial round, Harrison kept up with control, directing the speed of the battle. Despite a concise inversion by Holm that immediately positioned her in a predominant position, Harrison immediately recovered her balance, exhibiting her solidarity and flexibility.

Kayla Harrison’s Dominance Being Clear

Kayla Harrison Vs Holly Holms

As the battle advanced, Harrison’s predominance turned out to be progressively clear. Using her judo mastery, she easily executed takedowns against Holm, stating her strength on the ground. Showing her ground-and-pound abilities, Harrison released a torrent of strikes, including elbows, a procedure not allowed under PFL rules, further exhibiting her flexibility and hostility in the octagon.

Harrison’s Predominance Continued into the Second

Kayla Harrison Dominates

Kayla Harrison’s predominance continued into the second round as she quickly continued her attack. Her resulting accommodation move could be seen as a demonstration of sympathy, as she held onto control of Holm’s back and executed a back-stripped stranglehold, inciting Holm to tap out very quickly, getting an unequivocal triumph for Harrison.

Kayla Harrison at first rose to distinction in the realm of judo, securing gold decorations at both the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games, alongside various triumphs in renowned judo competitions. Continuing in the strides of individual judoka Ronda Rousey, she consistently progressed to MMA.

Exceptional Expert Contenders Association

Her entrance into the Expert Contenders Association (PFL) was out and out exceptional, as she ruled the ladies’ lightweight competition two times. Before joining the UFC, she spent most of her MMA profession in the PFL, hoarding a great record of 16 successes and 1 misfortune, which included six knockouts and six entries.

Holly Holm vs Kayla Harrison

Getting a triumph against Holly Holm may not hold a similar load as it once did. Regardless of her celebrated foundation as a previous UFC and boxing champion, Holm’s new record remains at 5 successes, 6 misfortunes, and one No Challenge in her last 12 battles. In any case, her broad experience in top-five positioning makes her an impressive rival.

A Call for the Division’s Competitors

This win fills in as a wake-up call for the division’s competitors. With Holm’s height in the rankings, it flags a possible change in the scene. The current champion, Raquel Pennington, may end up confronting considerable difficulties soon.

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