Lead-Footed Kansas City Chiefs WR Facing $10 Million Lawsuit

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice now faces a lawsuit in connection to a multi-car crash in March.

A young Kansas City Chiefs superstar’s legal troubles are increasing nearly as fast as his now-wrecked Lamborghini used to travel.

Two victims of a chain-reaction Dallas, Tex. crash involving the Super Bowl-winning wide receiver Rashee Rice has sued for $10 million in damages.

Irina Gromova and Edvard Petrovskiy reportedly filed suit in Dallas against Rice and SMU football player Theodore Knox Monday. The pair claim to have suffered severe injuries in the six-car collision allegedly caused when Rice and Knox were racing on a Dallas highway.

Rice, driving a Lamborghini Urus SUV, and Knox, in a Chevrolet Corvette, were driving at speeds of 119 mph and 116 mph just seconds before the crash, according to an arrest affidavit filed last week. The speed limit on the highway they were hurtling down was 70 mph.

Kansas City Chiefs Receiver Charged with Multiple Felonies

Rice, the Kansas City Chiefs second-leading pass catcher last season, surrendered himself to Dallas Police and posted a $40,000 bond last week.

The 23-year-old now faces eight total felony charges in the case. According to the warrant, the charges include six counts of collision involving bodily injury, one count of collision involving serious bodily injury, and one count of aggravated assault.

Rice, Knox, and the passengers with them left the scene of the automotive pileup. Rice’s attorney, Texas State Senator Royce West, acknowledged to investigators that his client was driving the Lamborghini. Both Rice’s SUV and Knox’s Corvette were leased in Rice’s name.

The arrest affidavit also states that Rice was making “multiple aggressive maneuvers to get through traffic,” which led to the eventual chain-reaction collision.

Suit Plaintiffs Suffered Multiple Injuries, per Lawsuit

The suit filed Monday points out that Gromova and Petrovskiy suffered “trauma to the brain, lacerations to the face requiring stitches, multiple contusions about the body, disfigurement, internal bleeding, and other internal and external injuries that may only be fully revealed over the course of medical treatment,” per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The lawsuit also notes:

“Depsite his physical abilities and responsibilities as a public figure, Rice raced a high-powered vehicle through the public roads of Dallas County, Texas, lost control, and injured several innocent people including the Plaintiffs in this cause … The victims and bystanders of the carnage tried to engage the Defendants, but they were ignored in the Defendants’ attempt to flee without responsibility.”

Kansas City Chiefs Might Be Without Rice for a Long While

In addition to the warrant, Rice has more prospective legal troubles. Dallas police have said that there was 10.8 grams of marijuana found in the Lamborghini that Rice was driving. That amount is a felony in Texas, which carries a punishment that includes jail time. Rice has yet to be charged in relation to the found marijuana.

The police report said that marijuana was found in both cars leased to Rice. In addition, credit cards, a $16,500 check, a diamond chain, and a Kansas City Chiefs playbook were found.

In Texas, possession of more than four grams of marijuana is a felony. State law notes a mandatory minimum sentence of 180 days up to two years behind bars, as well as a maximum fine of $10,000.

That doesn’t include any possible sanctions from either the Kansas City Chiefs or the NFL. The league tends to take a dim view of its players being involved in such incidents. Rice is certain to be heavily scrutinized under the league’s Personal Conduct Policy, on top of whatever legal/civil punishment he faces.

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