Bayer Leverkusen Wins the Bundesliga Title for 1st Time Completing Fairytale Ending

Bayer Leverkusen winning the Bundesliga title

Bayer Leverkusen finally won the Bundesliga title for the first time as Xabi’s masterclass became successful for the club and its players. Xabi Alonso’s arrival at Bayer Leverkusen had a lot of questions asked by many pundits and journalists. However his arrival in 2022 at a time when the club was struggling to keep up with the performances as they were close to relegation. Therefore fighting against relegation in 2022 to qualifying for the Europa League in 2023. Bayer has come a long way to become champion in 2024.

Alongside the help of some players like Victor Boniface, Jeremie Frimpong, Granit Xhaka, Patrick Schick, and last but not least Florian Wirtz. The most interesting part of the season is they won the league without suffering any defeats for 43 games. However, there could be a turning point for Leverkusen if Xabi Alonso gets a call to join another club there might be a few changes.

Alongside, some emerging players if they decide to leave the club to join a bigger club. Meanwhile, the club celebrates its first Bundesliga victory. Although Bayern Munich had taken over the mantle of the Bundesliga for over ten years, winning the title for ten long years and proving that there are no worthy opponents until now.

Bayer Leverkusen’s Deciding Match that Led to Victory

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Leverkusen faced Werder in the deciding match where if they win, they will win the Bundesliga title. By no surprise, Bayer Leverkusen held the possession where they neutralized the chances of Werder Bremen even scoring the goal. Victor Boniface received the penalty in the first half in the 25th minute, where he scored the goal. In the second half, Granit Xhaka scored the goal in the 60th minute doubling the lead, making it crystal clear that Leverkusen are going to be champions.

Florian Wirtz the midfield talisman had a better season with his outside-the-box goals. Scoring 3 goals in 68th, 83rd and 90th minute. The fans erupted in adrenaline as they raided the pitch and also they even lit the big red lighter in the stadium. Leverkusen fans even surrounded their players, especially Florian Wirtz. Moments later they lifted the Bundesliga trophy for the first time as the stadium was full of red lights and fans chanting for Xabi Alonso and Florian Wirtz.

What’s next for Bayer Leverkusen?

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As they won the Bundesliga, there might be certain challenges for the defending champions. Leverkusen had a particular strategy to keep up with their performances and the player development skills to enhance the performances of every player. But, there might be an exception due to which Bayer might drop their performances. Players like Wirtz, Boniface, Xhaka, and Frimpong might face a certain challenge to sign for different clubs. even the Bayer Leverkusen manager Xabi Alonso might have to change club in the future.

Although Bayer Leverkusen’s main challenge is to compete in the Champions League while they are 43 games undefeated they might have to face the big European clubs like Real Madrid, PSG, Barcelona, Man City, etc. They are going to have to maintain the same quality of the game to be recognized.

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